Motus Treadmill M905T

  • Excellent driving performance
  • Scientific exercise program
  • In consideration of the safety and convenience of the user
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1. Excellent driving performance

  • High performance AC motor and precise motor control technology
  • Low noise, low vibration and high torque within a wide range from low speed to high speed – The design prevents the leaning of belt
  • High tensile frame

2. Scientific exercise program

  • Various built-in exercise programs (strengthening of cardiopulmonary function, body fat-burn, promotion of physical strength, etc.)
  • Built-in exercise programs linked to the Heart rate with which the treadmill grade is automatically regulated

3. In consideration of the safety and convenience of the user

  • Implementation of the low profile design
  • Multiple impact mitigation systems
  • Nano-Silver Antimicrobial Handlebar
  • Touch Sensitive switch (regulates the brightness of lamp )
  • Ergonomic design
  • Two types of emergency switches
  • Wider 2 shelves
  • Convenient interactive operation method

4. Specifications

Motor, capacity AC 3.0HP, continuous duty (continuous rating)
Speed range 0.1~16 Km/h, can be increased/decreased by 0.1km/h
Grade range 0~15%, can be increased/decreased by 0.5%
Dot matrixSize of display screen 16 x 32 Dot, 96 ×192(mm)
Display of the exercise information 7-segment, FND Exercise time, remaining exercise time, grade, consumed calories per hour, exercise distance, consumed calories, exercising speed, PACE (min/km), number of Heart rate
Heart rate measurement system Touch-type Heart rate O
Wireless heart rate O
Exercise program Built-in 12
Cardio 2
User compilation 10
Communication port RS232C
Shelf 2 ea (water bucket, MP3, Mobile, etc.)
Emergency stop Push button switch, magnetic Pull switch
Handlebar Side, front
Side Guide rail Option
Running area 510 X 1,520 (mm)
Oil injection manual
Power supply Exclusively for 220VAC, 50/60Hz
Other features Electronic touch switch built into the lamp, aluminum support and non-slip, one-touch speed function, one-touch grade function
Manager mode ccumulated distance, error indication etc.
Permitted load of user 185 (kg)
Length X Width X Height 2120 X 850 X 1,340 (mm)
Weight 194 (kg)



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